Everyone has Candida.  Is yours out of control?
Removing Candida overgrowth through the use of diet, 
bowel cleansing and the Ultimate Zapper

Did you know that everyone has Candida?  Formally known as candida albicans, this yeastlike fungi resides quite happily and in balance along with our healthy intestinal flora.  When the delicate balance of healthy intestinal flora is disturbed, the opportunist fungi quickly grows causing Candida overgrowth. 

Candida can be removed with a bowel cleanse, diet and using  frequency tools such as the Ultimate Zapper. Also here are some great books that I highly recommend to learn and understand Candida and get you on track with up to date information.

The first signs of Candida overgrowth are usually associated with gut disturbances.  This would also add to the burden of
Dysbiosis in the gut.  Once ignored at this level the effects of candida can easily permeate through the gut wall and into the blood stream causing Systemic Candida.  The candida overgrowth will seek out the right conditions for continued growth and that is within moist mucous membranes throughout the body.  This candida can then easily mutate into a more virulent strain to adapt to its new environment.

Once it becomes systemic it produces further health problems noticably deep levels of fatigue along with sugar and carbohydrate cravings.  The severest of symptoms can range from extreme allergies to breakdown of mental health.  Everyone may experience their symptoms differently but one definate sign for all is that optimal vitality is surely lacking.

Benefits of removing Candida overgrowth:
• Improving immune function
• Also clears other parasites and dysbiosis overgrowth
• Healing skin conditions
• Reducing inflammation in the body
• Increasing nutrient absorption from food and supplements
• Improved sense of wellbeing, mood, energy and vitality
• Helping Increase counts of healthy gut bacteria
• Benefits the health and repair of the gut mucosa

Common causes of Candida overgrowth

  • Stress
  • Antibiotics
  • Birth control pill
  • Medications
  • Chemicals in food chain – pesticides, herbicides etc
  • Additives and preservatives
  • Chlorine and fluoride in water
  • Poor nutrition

What type of diet helps with removing Candida?
A beneficial diet would be following the
Alkaline/Acid diet where 80% is alkalizing and 20% is acidic food. Alkalizing foods are the vegetable and fruit group and the acidic foods are the meats, grains and dairy group.  Most Candida overgrowth sufferers have food intolerances and this can be helped even further by following the Blood Type Diet which identifies the 4 blood types and the foods that favour each blood type.  By using the 80% alkaline / 20% acid rule along with your blood type you identify a personal approach to suit you and take out many of the pitfalls of finding out what foods to eat.  Eating to this rule and your blood type helps to reduce the stress in the bowels that increase overgrowth of any type of pathogen.

Below a list of Blood Type books and the specific health issues that can be supported using the blood type diet.


Removing Candida through a Bowel Cleanse
Candida's home is in the small and large intestine - the bowels.  By doing a
bowel cleanse
you are cleaning out and repairing the bowels which  helps to remove Candida overgrowth. The benefits of a bowel cleanse go further than just the removal of overgrowth so you gain so many other health benefits through a clean, functional bowel.  Once a bowel is functioning healthily the chances of an increased Candida are minimal. 

There are 3 steps to a bowel cleanse and repair 

  1. Cleansing the bowel
  2. Reinoculating with Probiotics
  3. Maintaining bowel health
 Removing Candida Overgrowth with the Ultimate Zapper

Make an informed choice
Click here for full details on the Ultimate Zapper

The Ultimate Zapper was originally designed by Dr. Hulda Clarke as a simple frenquency device to remove all pathogens, bacteria, viruses and fungal growths that did not support the health of their host. It is based on the premise that all negative pathogens fall in a certain frequency band and by applying the correct frequency, the pathogens are unable to survive.  Much like if we touch an electric fence which has a voltage far beyond what we can handle, we will die.  As a tool to remove Candida overgrowth, the benefits are enormous.  Since Candida overgrowth can easily manifest in body tissue aside from the gut, the Ultimate Zapper is able to kill off Candida anywhere in the body regardless of location.  The benefit being that all other pathogens are also removed as well.  The Ultimate Zapper is an upgrade on Dr. Clarke's original design and takes in a wider range of frequencies to reach a wider range of pathogens.